Coronavirus (COVID-19) Bulletin

Effective immediately, Cox HealthPlans (CHP) is waiving any member cost-sharing for the CDC approved COVID-19 diagnostic test for all of its fully-insured plans.

CHP also confirms that prior authorization is not required for the CDC approved diagnostic test nor any other diagnostic services related to COVID-19 testing. Services received beyond the CDC approved diagnostic test will be covered according to the member’s health plan benefits. Should a COVID-19 immunization become available then CHP will assess any further changes to benefits at that time.

Telehealth (Virtual Visits) is covered in all of CHP’s plan designs. CHP encourages members to utilize this as a service delivery option along with prescription mail order, including the 90-day quantity option when possible.

CHP is coordinating closely with CoxHealth on COVID-19 also. If you have any other questions please contact Member Services by e-mail at or by telephone at (417) 269-2959.

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